25mm Nylon Seat Belt Webbing Straps

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This webbing strap is made of durable 100% nylon, with good flexibility. Top-quality nylon is known for it’s tear-resistant,strength, and durability.


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【High Strength】

Nylon webbing is known for its high tensile strength, making it capable of supporting heavy loads and resisting breakage.

【Flexible & Durable】

Nylon webbing is highly durable, flexible and resistant to damage.it is easy to work with and good for use in camping gear, straps, belts, and harnesses.


Nylon webbing it is known for its colorfastness, meaning it resists fading or running, even when exposed to sunlight or washing.


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25mm Nylon Webbing


100% Nylon





Breaking Strength



High tensile strength, good flexibility, tear-resistant and durability


White/Black/Red/Yellow/Dark Green/Army green/Brown/etc.


Accept OEM Service



25mm Webbing (1)

Product Information

Nylon webbing, a versatile and resilient material, finds widespread use across diverse industries and applications. Crafted from premium nylon fibers, it boasts remarkable strength and exceptional resistance to abrasion. Its presence is notable in the production of bags, backpacks, belts, dog collars, leashes, horse tack, outdoor gear, camping equipment, automotive safety harnesses, and an array of other products.

Chief among the advantages of nylon webbing is its impressive tensile strength. Withstanding stretching and breakage, it emerges as the optimal choice for scenarios demanding unwavering durability and reliability. It adeptly supports substantial loads without succumbing to snapping or tearing. Additionally, nylon webbing excels in its resistance to abrasion, enduring continuous friction and contact with rough surfaces while maintaining its structural integrity and fortitude.

To accommodate diverse applications and aesthetic preferences, nylon webbing is available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colors. It proves effortless to manipulate, lending itself to sewing, stitching, or bonding onto other materials for expanded functionality and versatility.

25mm Webbing (2)
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25mm Webbing (1)

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