8mm Elastic Shock Cord Bungee Cord

Short Description:

Shock/Bungee cords are incredibly versatile and have numerous practical applications for holding items together.The 8mm elastic shock cord is typically used to secure standard groundsheets and tarpaulins. It is also commonly utilized on caravans, boats, trailers, motorbikes, and more. Additionally, it has many other uses both indoors and outdoors.

About This Item:

【Superior Quality】

Highly elastic rubber core and polyester cover. The uniquely designed outer shell protects the inner core from abrasion.


Very good abrasion resistance. Resistant to mildew and UV sunlight. Ideal for outdoor activities.

【Highly Elastic】

elongation approx. 100%. Tensile strength and proven durability make it a premium elastic bungee cord.


Our product is available in convenient lengths of 15M, 30M, 50M and 100M, offered in rolls. It is designed to be easy to carry and store.


Helpful in keeping items together, perfect for travel, hunting, camping, kayaking, boating and roof racks; even DIY craft projects, home decorations.

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Product Name

Elastic Cord/Bungee Cord/Shock Cord



Outer Material


Sheath Structure

12, 16, 24, 32 braided


Imported rubber








Good elasticity, anti-UV, durable


DIY, Packing, Securing, etc.


Bundle, Spool

Place of Origin

Shenzhen, China

Brand Name



Accept OEM Service



8mm Elastic Shock Cord Bungee Cord
8mm Elastic Shock Cord Bungee Cord

Product Information

An 8mm bungee cord is commonly used for various purposes, including:

1.Securing items: It can be used to securely fasten objects together, such as bundling camping gear, securing luggage on roof racks, or holding items in place during transportation.

2.Outdoor activities: The cord is often used in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and boating. It can secure tents, tarps, or groundsheets, provide support for hammocks, or secure equipment to backpacks.

3.DIY projects: It can be utilized in DIY projects, such as creating custom cargo nets, repairing or replacing existing bungee cords, or building suspension systems for lightweight items.

4.Sports and recreation: The cord is suitable for various sports and recreational activities. It can be used to secure equipment like surfboards, kayaks, or bicycles, or even create makeshift goal nets or obstacle courses.

5.Household uses: In everyday life, the cord can come in handy for organizing and securing items around the house, like bundling cables, holding plants in place, or securing furniture during transit.

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8mm Elastic Shock Cord Bungee Cord

Packaging Solutions

8mm Elastic Shock Cord Bungee Cord

Support customized logo and packing

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