Para Aramid Shortcut Chopped Fiber

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Aramid chopped fiber refers to short strands or fibers made from aramid material. Aramid fibers are synthetic fibers, they have exceptional strength, heat resistance, and flame resistance.These chopped fibers can then be used in various manufacturing processes to reinforce composite materials, such as plastics, resins, rubber, or concrete.

About This Item:

·【High Strength】

High tensile strength, making the chopped fibers an excellent reinforcement option. They provide enhanced strength and durability to the composite materials.

·【Heat Resistance】

Aramid fibers can withstand high temperatures without melting or degrading.It can be used at a high temperature of 300°C for a long time.

·【Light Weight】 

Aramid fibers are lightweight, ensuring that the overall weight of the composite material remains low while still providing strength.

·【Chemical Resistance】

Aramid fibers are resistant to many chemicals, including acids and alkalis. 

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Product Name Aramid Short Cut Fiber
Material 100% Para Aramid
Pattern Raw
Length 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm (Accept OEM)
Fineness 1.5D/2.3D
Color Natural Yellow
Feature Heat resistance, high strength, excellent insulating property
Packing Carton
Application Aramid paper, aramid perforated plat, reinforcement
Certification ISO9001, SGS
OEM Accept OEM Service
Sample Free
Aramid short cut fiber

Product Information

Aramid short cut fiber is chopped from continuous aramid fiber to different as per customers' requirements. The chopped fibers are typically produced by cutting or shredding longer aramid fiber strands into shorter lengths. This short cut fiber can be filled in resin or rubber to improve its physical properties. It can be used at a high temperature of 300°C for a long time. When the temperature reaches 450°C, it will begin to carbonize. The common used length is 3mm and 6mm diameter. And we also support customization. The aramid short fiber is widely used varieties of industries, such as engineering plastic, conveyor belt, rubber parts, concrete project, FRP parts, aramid paper etc..

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