Bungee Cord with Ball for Tarp Canopy

Short Description:

The bungee cord with ball is made of a cord with hollow hemisphere plastic parts. It is an ideal choice for road trips, tent camping, cargo bundling, tarpaulin securing, and canopy shelter. We provide cords in different diameters, as well as a wide range of color choices.

About This Item:

【UV Resistance】

The polyester outer shell provides flexibility, UV resistance, and abrasion resistance. It will not easily break or split under force.

【Reliable Ductility】

The maximum stretched length of shock cord can be stretched up to 1.9 times and can retains its elasticity over a long period of times.

【Size and Color】

The popular length is 10cm/15cm/20cm/23cm. The diameter of the bungee cord is 4mm and 5mm. And there are a great many colors for options.


It can be used for a variety of applications such as securing luggage, camping gear, sports equipment, tie downs tarpaulin covers and general purposes.

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Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Name

Bungee cord with ball

Rope Diameter


Outer Material


Sheath Structure

16 braided


Imported rubber



Plastic Ball Diameter


Ball Color



10cm/15cm/20cm/23cm/25cm/28cm/30cm/38cm/customized(including ball)

Breaking Force



Good elasticity, anti-UV, durable


DIY, Packing, Securing, etc.




Accept OEM Service



Product Information

A bungee cord with a ball is an elastic cord that has a ball-shaped end attached to it. The ball is usually made of plastic and serves as an anchor point. The purpose of the cord is to securely hold items in place by stretching the cord and attaching the ball to a hook or another object.

Bungee cords with balls are widely used to secure tarpaulins, banners, canvas, gazebos, tents, trailer and boat covers, as well as marquee sides and market stalls, to frames and fixed points. They can also be used to secure rolls of fabric, sheeting, canvas, and even as sail tidies.

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