Flame Retardant Kevlar Para Aramid Spun Yarn

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Aramid spun yarn is produced by spinning the aramid fibers into a thread or yarn form. This spun yarn retains the inherent properties of aramid fibers, making it suitable for various applications that require strength and heat resistance. 

About This Item:

·【High Strength】

Aramid fibers have a high tensile strength, and this is retained in the spun yarn. This makes it suitable for applications where a strong and durable yarn is needed.

·【Heat Resistance】

Aramid fibers are highly heat resistant and retain their properties even at high temperatures, making them ideal for heat-resistant fabrics.

·【Flame Resistance】 

Aramid fibers are inherently flame resistant, and this quality is also present in aramid spun yarn. This makes it suitable for applications where flame resistance is required, such as in protective clothing or fire-resistant textiles.

·【Cut And Abrasion Resistance】

Aramid fibers are highly resistant to cuts and abrasion, providing durability and longevity to textiles made from them.

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Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Name

Aramid Spun Yarn

Yarn Type

Aramid Staple


100% Para Aramid

Yarn Count

20S/2, 20S/3, 30S/2, 30S/3, 40S/2, 40S/3



Working Temperature



Natural Yellow


Heat-resistant, flame retardant, chemical-resistant,
heat-Insulation, cut&abrasion resistant, high strength


Sewing, knitting, weaving


ISO9001, SGS


Accept OEM Service




ISO9001, SGS


Accept OEM Service



Aramid Spun Yarn (2)

Product Information

Aramid spun yarn is made from aramid fibers such as para-aramid or meta-aramid. Aramid fibers are synthetic fibers known for their exceptional strength, heat resistance, and flame resistance.

Aramid spun yarn is commonly used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, military, and industrial manufacturing. It is used for applications such as reinforcement in composites, heat-resistant textiles, high-performance ropes and cords, and protective gear.It is a versatile material that finds applications in various industries that require high-performance and durable textiles.

Aramid Spun Yarn (3)

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