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UHMWPE webbing refers to a type of webbing that is made from UHMWPE fibers. It is commonly used in various industries and applications where strength, durability, and lightweight properties are required.

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【High Strength】

It has a high tensile strength and is significantly stronger than traditional nylon or polyester webbing of similar width and thickness.

【Abrasion Resistance】 

It can withstand rigorous use and maintain its integrity even in abrasive or demanding environments, making them suitable for use in climbing gear, military equipment, or industrial safety harnesses.

【Chemical resistance】

UHMWPE webbing has good resistance to chemicals. It does not absorb water or degrade in the presence of moisture.

【UV Resistance】

UHMWPE webbing has excellent resistance to UV radiation. It does not degrade or lose performance when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.

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Product Name UHMWPE Webbing
Type Plain/Twill/Herringbone
Material UHMWPE Fiber
Shape Flat
Width 5-100mm
Thickness 0.2-5.5mm
Technics Woven
Color White/Black/Red/Yellow/Green/Army green/Neon green/Blue/Orange/Grey, etc.
Packing Rolls
Certification ISO9001, SGS
OEM Accept OEM Service
Sample Free
UHMWPE Webbing

Product Information

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene webbing is woven by imported looms with special technology. It has higher breaking force, lower elongation, high wear resistance and cutting resistance. It is particularly favored in outdoor gear, tactical equipment, climbing and mountaineering gear, industrial safety equipment, water sports gear, automotive and transportation, and more.

UHMWPE webbing offers superior strength compared to traditional nylon or polyester webbing of similar width and thickness. It is significantly lighter in weight while providing excellent load-bearing capacity. The low stretch properties of UHMWPE webbing ensure stability and strength, even under heavy loads.Another advantage of UHMWPE webbing is its excellent abrasion resistance, making it suitable for rugged environments and applications where durability is essential. It is also resistant to chemicals, acids, alkalis, and UV radiation, ensuring its durability and performance in various conditions.

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