38mm/51mm/76mm Para Aramid Staple Fiber

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Aramid staple fiber is actually a different form of aramid fiber. Instead of being chopped into short lengths, aramid staple fiber refers to continuous filaments of aramid material that are twisted or spun into yarn or thread.

About This Item:

·【High Strength】

Aramid staple fiber has excellent tensile strength, making it suitable for applications that require strong and durable textiles.

·【Heat Resistance】

Aramid fibers are highly heat resistant and retain their properties even at high temperatures, making them ideal for heat-resistant fabrics.

·【Flame Resistance】 

Aramid staple fiber has inherent flame-resistant properties, making it suitable for applications that require fire-resistant textiles.

·【Cut And Abrasion Resistance】

Aramid fibers are highly resistant to cuts and abrasion, providing durability and longevity to textiles made from them.

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Product Detail

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Product Name Aramid Staple Fiber
Fiber Type Staple
Fiber Length 38mm/51mm/76mm/customized
Fineness (Denier) 1.5D, 2.3D
Material 100% Para Aramid
Pattern Raw
Color Natural Yellow
Feature Heat-resistant, flame retardant, chemical-resistant, heat-Insulation
Packing Carton
Application Filling Material, Spinning, Non-Woven Fabric
Application Spunning
Certification ISO9001, SGS
OEM Accept OEM Service
Sample Free
Aramid Staple Fiber

Product Information

Para aramid staple fiber is made of filament, which are washed, crimped and cutting, then treated by surface treatment.It can be used at a high temperature of 300°C for a long time. When the temperature reaches 450°C, it will begin to carbonize. Aramid staple fiber is commonly used in various textile applications, including protective clothing (such as firefighter suits and bulletproof vests), industrial fabric reinforcements (such as belts and hoses), and high-performance outdoor gear (such as gloves and ropes), high-end special yarn blended yarn, acupuncture and spunlace nonwovens and other down stream industries.

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